How often can I use my site?

Members can use the park 180 days a year from April 1st to March 31st. In a one year period of time.

What is the anniversary date?

April 1st is when your 180 days starts over

How big of a RV can I bring in to the park?

Anything that does not need a permit to be brought in the the park as long as it is no longer than 40′

Park model can be no longer than 40 ‘and no wider then 8′ no higher than 12’

If I’m only in the park a few hours does that count as 1 day’s usage?

If you are in the park less than 3 hours a day you are not charged for a day’s usage. Anything over 3 hours is considered a day’s usage. Time is counted Midnight to Midnight.

Can I have my mail sent to the park?


We will not accept your mail at our Post Office box. We will accept UPS, DHL, and FedEx at the membership. If you are receiving a package please be aware that space in the membership is limited so keep track of when you package should be arriving for a quick pick up. Names and site numbers will be posted on the white board located on the membership when a package has arrived.

If I have a guest coming to visit, what is the procedure?

All members must register their guest prior to entering the park. Registration forms for day, overnight and extended stay are located in the membership office or can be found on our website at lakeconnorpark.org under your Log in page. We request that you pre-register your guest with the membership, so the office staff can have your guests placard ready for you when your guest arrives. You will be required to key your guests in and out.

What are the quarterly dues?

Current quarterly dues are $295.30 which is roughly $98.43 a month. Power is assessed to your site based on the usage for the 3 previous months. Water and garbage are included in your dues.

Do we have sewer?


Phase 3 has septic.

The park has a Blackwater pump out service that comes out every Monday to phase 1-2 for a fee of $30. Envelopes for this service are located in the membership office and on the outside of the membership office in a black box. You fill out the envelope with your information listed, put cash or check in the envelope. During business hours drop the envelope it in the yellow box in the office. After hour there is a drop box located next the black box outside the office. All request for service must be in by Saturday business close to ensure your name is put on the list for Monday pickup. Payment is cash or check only.

Do you allow pets?


All pets must be on a leash at all time when in the park. We do not allow invisible fencing.

What hook ups are on each site?

Each site has power and water. Phase 3 has Power, water and septic on each site

What is the amps for each site?

Currently 30 amp throughout the park, and 50 amp in Phase 3 – C-section

What is the speed limit in the park?

5 MPH.

Can I get my portable propane bottles filled?


Drop off your bottles in the drop off station by the Membership office Tuesday – Saturday, 11:30 AM or 3:30 PM. You can then pick up your bottle(s) that same day prior to 4:30 PM.